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Robust and stable WordPress backup and migration solutions, designed for freelancers, agencies, and site owners.


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Advanced Backup Engine

Easy to use

With a smart built-in learning mode, you don’t have to touch or understand the annoying parameters to make a successful backup on shared hosting, our plugin automatically takes care of it.

Powerful Custom Feature

You can flexibly customize the backup content – include/exclude files/folders, files/folders of certain types, database tables, even web databases as needed.

Advanced Migration Engine

Never crash the live site

Our plugin comes with a built-in feature of snapshot, so even in the case where the restoration failed for some reasons, your current running site will not be affected.

Compatible with many themes and page builders

Safely replacing site urls in WordPress migration is crucial. The plugin has been extensively tested and is compatible with most leading page builders and themes in the market.

All the features you need

A wide range of WordPress backup and migration features that cover all your needs.

Backup: Include/Exclude Rules

Include/exclude specific files or folders and database tables from a backup. Exclude files of certain types. Back up web databases and tables. Global exclusion rules for all backup types.

Schedule (Incremental /General)

Two backup schedule types – general and incremental schedules. Customize backup content and start time of a schedule. Specify cloud storage for a schedule, and set up multiple WordPress backup schedules.

Export/Import Site (Migration)

Separate export and import workflows for easier WordPress migration. Export a website to 3 locations as needed: web server, remote storage, and target site (auto migration). Import the site from corresponding locations to restore.

Auto-Backup Before Update/Rollback

Automatically back up plugins, themes, WordPress core and entire database before you update them. So if something goes wrong after the update, you can quickly restore everything back to normal.

White Label

Replace WPvivid branding on the plugin UI with your own brand name and present WPvivd Backup Pro functionalities to your clients as your own service.

WordPress Multisite Support

Back up the entire WordPress multisite network or migrate it to another multisite, or migrate a subsite in the multisite network to a standalone WordPress install.


20% OFF



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Covers almost all features you will ever need for backing up and migrating your WordPress websites.

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We offer 24/7 customer support for users via multiple channels, responsive and responsible.

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